Venha sonhar connosco.

We want to make a difference!

COLMOL produces resting solutions that emerge from the synthesis between innovation and design - as core processes, combining strong concepts with advanced technology. The result is reflected in exclusive products that give you all the advantages of superior functionality.

 Our ambition is to offer the highest level of comfort and firmness, always adequate and in response to the high quality standards that Colmol prints on all its products.

We select, categorize and attribute quality.

Simple terms to describe a larger process that involves knowing how to apply, applying the right technology and executing it to reach a happy ending: a product that has no doubts. That's why we work with three large groups of materials that we know are the biggest promoters of a large COLMOL mattress.

100% High resilience steel, latex and polyurethanes Cotton, viscose and natural fibers Breathable hypoallergenic products